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    BKG Composite Drainage Plate

    BKG composite drainage slab is Rubtiler’s proprietary, innovative product that allows natural vegetation to take root while maintaining a high degree of soil stabilization.

    It consists of 4 layers:

    • top/vegetation layer, which is created according to the customer’s needs and requirements by seeding and rooting selected plants,
    • stabilizing with a thickness of min. 1 cm giving primary support to vegetative elements, made of coconut nonwoven fabric ensuring stabilization of seeds, their permanent rooting and plant growth,
    • load-bearing made of cementitious cavernous concrete with a thickness of min. 4 cm,
    • bottom, made of rubber granules bonded with polyurethane resin – with a thickness of min. 2 cm.

    BKG drainage board works well as:

    • substrate in green zones around office buildings,
    • green routes for pedestrians in parks and parking lots,
    • protection and reinforcement of the surface of slopes and road embankments,
    • protection of river bottoms and banks from pollution and erosion,
    • shielding the land from wind, rainwater runoff and landslides caused by significant soil moisture.


    BKG composite drainage board is a breakthrough in the production and application of ecological RR granules on a global scale. It allows the maintenance of natural greenery and at the same time protects areas with a significant slope from landslides especially after violent storms or during spring snowmelt.

    The porous surface of the drainage board:

    • facilitates the rooting of vegetation initially in its layers and then directly in the ground,
    • absorbs water, promoting proper retention of precipitation into the ground,
    • is an excellent stabilizer of embankments, slopes and embankments, preventing landslides.

    The concrete layer additionally has caverns, peculiar reservoirs for collecting rainwater that then supports nutrition, hydration and plant growth.

    The composite drainage slab is also characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and resistance to compression and crushing, among other things, making it suitable for installation on more flexible ground.

    The possibility of making changes in the formulation of the concrete and rubber layers gives the freedom to adjust the vertical and horizontal water permeability to individual project assumptions and site conditions.

    BKG 50-1-5-2 composite drainage slab and its greatest advantages:

    • regulated absorptivity and permeability of rainwater due to 3 porous surfaces, which protects the right substrate from overwatering and landslides,
    • collection of excess rainwater in caverns distributed in the concrete loading layer and its reuse for irrigation of vegetation from the vegetation layer,
    • increased strength and resistance to mechanical damage, allowing them to be laid on more flexible ground with a significant angle of inclination,
    • adjusting the degree of permeability vertically and horizontally allows Rubtiler drainage panels to match the requirements of the project and the site,
    • flexible rubber layer to provide significant compensation for unevenness of the terrain,
    • high aesthetics of the solution through the use of natural plantings of vegetation matched to the requirements of the project and customer expectations,
    • high resistance to frost and harsh weather conditions,
    • easy DIY (do-it-yoursel) installation, which means saving time and money,
    • individualization of the size of drainage panels both in terms of size and thickness of individual layers,
    • ecological product thanks to the use of RR granules created in the process of recycling used car tires. It constitutes a minimum of 20% of the input.

    BKG composite drainage board is certified: PN-EN 206+A1:2016-12 and PN-EN 13369:2013-09.