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Rubber mats for breeding facilities allow to design a safe and comfortable space in stables and pens. Flexible and soft surface reduces the risk of abrasions and injuries, and the thermal insulation properties protect against the cold from the ground. The soundproofing properties create an animal-friendly environment.

Breeding mat is 100% ecological product created in the process of recycling used rubber tyres. It is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, that is why it is an ideal solution in stables and other facilities for animals.

They are available in square and puzzle versions – both adapted for self-installation.

Rubtiler’s offer includes:

  • mats for horses – intended for the design of an ecological, aesthetic and comfortable stable and allowing for laying out routes,
  • rubber lair mats – create a thermo-insulating rubber surface for animals that protects against low temperatures,
  • protective mats.

See the full range of rubber breeding mats and create a safe place for animals and comfortable living conditions.

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