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    Our offer

    The Rubtiler brand provides a comprehensive range of high-quality RR pellet products aimed at a wide audience.

    We offer:

    • rubber surfaces and accessories for professional gyms, fitness rooms and crossfit zones,
    • safe RR granular slabs for playgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities,
    • flexible outdoor architectural elements for urban zones and for the home and garden,
    • rubber vibration isolation mats used in industry, construction and railroads,
    • noise and vibration dampening mats,
    • mobile rubber surfaces for organizing spaces during cyclical sports and cultural events,
    • elements of road infrastructure,
    • surfaces and bed plates used in animal breeding facilities,
    • granules for playing fields and sports surfaces.

    Concentration of the full production process in one modern plant gives us a wide range of possibilities to tailor products to individual customer requirements. We are ready to prepare any form for a special order.

    In turn, the ability to personalize goods is valued in particular by those who care about building a consistent image.

    Thanks to these elements, Rubtiler has gained a strong position and reputation as a brand friendly to its customers.