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    We are one of the largest producers of RR (Recycled Rubber) granules and 100% environmentally friendly rubber products made with them. The advanced technological process starts already with the selective collection of used tires, to which we give a second life.


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    Rubtiler - fitness i sport

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    Rubtiler - fitness i sport

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    Who we are

    Everything you should know about us


    We are one of the largest recyclers of used tires in Poland and a producer of the best-quality SBR granules dedicated to rubber products.

    Who we are

    Rubtiler  is a specialized company engaged in recycling of used car tires and production of high-quality RR granule and rubber products made from it. We have been fully operational since 2013 and our brand has gained recognition not only in Poland, but also in countries of Western and Northern Europe, both among business and individual customers.

    Rubtiler rubber products mean satisfaction and safety in line with principles of environmental protection.

    What makes us different

    At Rubtiler, we carry out complex recycling of used car tires – from their selection to the production of rubber components. This is made possible by one of the most advanced machineries in Europe, financed with EU funds between 2010 and 2013.

    We use only truck tires of well-known brands from Western Europe, which enables us to produce RR granule of the best properties and high quality. The multi-stage removal of contaminants leads to product purity of 99.9%, which distinguishes our products on a global scale.


    We focus on high quality, which is confirmed by such certificates as:

    REACH Declaration of Conformity WE No. 1907/2006


    ISO 9001:2015


    TÜV NORD Certificate


    VOC EMISSION Indoor Air Comfort GOLD® - VOC FREE


    Technical specification EN 14041:2004/AC:2006


    Acoustics - EN ISO 10140-2:2021-10


    Acoustics - EN ISO 10140-3:2021-10


    Classification of reaction to fire EN 13501-1,2010


    Guarantee of the Highest Quality - Rubber Plates


    Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect

    A new dimension of safety. All Rubtiler products are made of high-quality SBR granulate, which is made in the process of recycling of used truck tires. In the Vir&Bact Protect version, we enrich the raw material with valuable nanoparticles even before the final shape is formed. This means that the same parameters are maintained throughout the thickness of the tile, not just on its surface. This eliminates the risk of the coating wearing off during long and intensive use and the risk of losing the invaluable viricidal effect if the surface is damaged or cut to match the shape of the room.

    Independent testing by the certification body TÜV Nord has demonstrated viricidal and bactericidal efficacy after contact with surface in real time:


    Escherichia Coli bacteria – min. 85% (tested according to ASTM E2149)


    Influenza viruses – min. 65% (tested according to ISO 21702:2019)


    Human coronaviruses – min. 85% (tested according to ISO 21702:2019)

    Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect products also destroy the SARS Covid-19 virus!

    This is possible due to modifications at the structure level. RR granule is enriched with viricidal and bactericidal nanoparticles. These properties persist throughout the thickness of the mat, not just in the outer layer. This guarantees effective protection.