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    About us

    The Rubtiler – let’s take a closer look at our brand

    We are one of the largest recyclers of scrap tyres in Poland and a manufacturer of the best quality RR granules dedicated for rubber products.

    The carefully selected collection of tyres and innovative production line makes us the producer of the purest RR granules on the market. The Rubtiler factory is located in central Poland. It is fitted with modern and automated production line for manufacturing rubber plates and mats, making it the leading brand on world markets. Rubtiler is a 100% ecological and environmentally friendly brand, and its products are manufactured through the complete recycling of scrap tyres.


    Rubtiler products are mainly sold to contractors and owners of sports facilities, gyms and fitness rooms, playgrounds, investors, developers, representatives of the construction and industrial sectors and animal breeders. Our products include:

      • Rubber surfaces and accessories dedicated to gyms, fitness rooms and cross-fit zones.
      • Safe rubber tiles for playgrounds and outdoor recreation facilities.
      • Flexible exterior architectural elements for urban areas, as well as home and garden.
      • Anti-vibration mats used in industry, construction and railway.
      • Sound and vibration insulating and suppressing mats.
      • Elements of road infrastructure.
      • Surfaces dedicated for animal breeding.
      • Pitches and sports surfaces (granules).

    Europe’s most modern manufacturing plant.

    Between 2010 and 2013 we built an innovative tyre recycling plant in Sławno, where the scrap tyres we collect get a second life. The building has been designed in view of respecting the environment and ecology, with a mission to recycle an increasing number of scrap tyres in the EU. Rubtiler manufacturing plant is equipped with modern and technologically advanced machine park in Europe. The plant is fitted with a well-developed analytical lab, where our experts work on development, innovation and the best technological solutions. The laboratory also controls the goods manufactured, which lets us guarantee the highest quality of our products.

    Why Rubtiler?

      • Because we guarantee the highest production standards – monitor every stage, from tyre selection to tiles shipment control. All products are subject to laboratory tests and many years of strength and functional tests.
      • Modern technologies – automated production line guarantees high product reproducibility and the highest quality on the market. We also use our own technological line for dyeing SBR granules, making our colour offer very diverse.
      • We produce the purest SBR granules on the market – with the highly specialized cleaning machines we are able to remove most of the dirt and residue from tyre processing, including textiles, steel and dust.
      • Reliable tyre suppliers – our ecological SBR rubber granules are made from 100% truck tyres from European manufacturers and selected brands.
      • The products have the necessary tests and certificates: PZH (hygienic certificate), CFL and DFL (flammability certificates), HIC (fall safety certificate).
      • The assembly of our products is easy and reliable.
      • Our products may be marked and customised along the Customer’s expectations.
      • We offer professional advice on the selection of appropriate products and after-sales service.
      • Our company provides fast turnaround times.


      • REACH Declaration of Conformity In accordance with art. 33 of the REACH Regulation, WE No. 1907/2006
      • ISO 9001:2015
      • TÜV NORD Certificate Proven Product
      • Technical specification EN 14041:2004/AC:2006
      • Acoustics – Airborne sound insulation measurement PN-EN ISO 10140-2:2021-10
      • Acoustics – Impact sound insulation measurement  PN-EN ISO 10140-3:2021-10
      • Classification in the field of reaction to fire CFL-S1, DFL-S1, EFL
      • European Center for Quality and Promotion – HIC (Head Injury Criterion) up to 3.6 m
      • European Center for Quality and Promotion – Guarantee of the Highest Quality – Rubber Plates 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg