Vir&Bact Protect

While the Gym and Fitness World was shut down due to pandemic restrictions, we were working hard to help you get back to business.

We created innovative solutions to protect your gym, your team and your members.

The whole line of Rubtiler Vir & Bact Protect products, certified by TÜV NORD.

  • most advanced technology of using antibacterial and antiviral factors in rubber products
  • up to 90% less pathogens and germs on your gym flooring
  • immediate prevention of bacteria and viruses (inter alia, coronavirus)  reproduction and spreading, across the floor and whole facility
  • thanks to Rubtiler Vir & Bact Protect technology, microorganisms cannot adapt and develop resistances to cleaning
  • sweat odour and stain reduction
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • Rubtiler Vir & Bact Protect technology also improved quality and durability of all products, while applied

… And now imagine that Rubber Bumper Plates, indispensable element of every Gym and CrossFit box, touched by hundreds of hands a week,

are available in Rubtiler Vir & Bact Protect technology!

Take your gym to the next safety level, contact us to learn more.

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