TÜV NORD certifies Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect as a Tested Product

We are very pleased to announce that Vinderen’s innovative Rubtiler product has been certified as a TÜV NORD Tested Product.

The audit was conducted by the international certification company TÜV NORD. The awarding of the Tested Product certificate took place after a positive assessment of the product documentation, the results of laboratory tests, and an audit at the production plant. This approach ensures a sound assessment and confirms that due independence is ensured. The result of the process is a report, a Tested Product certificate, and an individual Tested Product label.

Rubtiler products are 100% environmentally friendly, which is in line with the current focus on saving the planet by minimizing the consequences of environmental pollution with waste with long decomposition times.


Key features:

  • viricidal and bactericidal properties after contact with surface in real time:
    • Escherichia Coli bacteria – min. 85% (tested according to ASTM E2149),
    • Influenza viruses – min. 65% (tested according to ISO 21702:2019),
    • Human coronaviruses – min. 85% (tested according to ISO 21702:2019),
  • active agent with viricidal and bactericidal properties contained in the whole product mass,
  • easy cleaning, washing, and maintenance are still necessary.


  • Rubtiler FITNESS Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler SPORT Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler OUTDOOR Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler INDOOR Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler PLAYGROUND Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler ELEMENTS Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler INDUSTRIAL Vir&Bact Protect,
  • Rubtiler DESIGN Vir&Bact Protect.

Additional technical parameters

The basic raw material for the production of Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect products is still high-quality SBR granulate, which is made by us from truck tires with excellent technical parameters. This means that the tiles do not lose their other parameters.

Key features of the tiles:

  • viricidal and bactericidal properties after contact with tile surface in real time,
  • active agent with viricidal and bactericidal properties contained in the whole product mass,
  • easy to clean and maintain,
  • easy to lay, simple and quick to install (manually).


Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect tiles are intended for facilities where providing multi-layer protection is of particular importance. Consequently, they work well in such places as:

  • professional fitness rooms and outdoor sports facilities,
  • healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and healthcare clinics, hospices, and nursing homes,
  • playgrounds, especially in indoor play facilities,
  • factories, warehouses, and office buildings.

TÜV Nord – a document for the best

The Tested Product Certificate is awarded by TÜV NORD after very thorough testing and in-depth investigation. It confirms the highest quality of products awarded with the certificate and is one of the most prestigious documents in the world.

TÜV Nord Group has been operating for 140 years. It currently operates in 70 countries, testing brands around the world: in Europe, Asia, North and South America, North Africa, and the Middle East. It currently employs 7,000 qualified employees who make sure that TÜV Nord certification is awarded only to the best products and companies.

This makes us even more proud that the Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect products are in this group.