We are one of the largest recyclers of scrap tyres in Poland. Our company operates in compliance with applicable laws, social and ethical standards as well as business rules. In our actions we respect social interests, but it is environmental protection which is crucial for our company.

The amount of tyres used is increasing year by year. They should be properly disposed of and recycled in line with EU regulations. To meet this need, between 2010 and 2013 we built an eco and innovative tyre recycling plant in central Poland, where the scrap tyres we collect get a second life.


We accept and separate scrap tyres, and then recycle and process them. The materials we obtain as a result serve to manufacture an entirely new products to be reused on the market. The SBR granules obtained in the recycling process serve as the basis for further production of Rubtiler ecological rubber products.

By implementing this process, we are contributing to the reduction of rubber waste and responding to the growing need to dispose of tyres in the EU, which has a positive impact on the world around us and therefore on our quality of life. Trends can vary, but we strongly believe and invest in recycling, the proof of which is our environmental-friendly tyre recycling plant in Sławno.