Vibro-isolating mat for the track surface – square

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The vibro-isolating mat of the track surface is a specialized product used in railway engineering to reinforce both ballast and non-ballast systems as well as for side protection of concrete structures.

The square finish allows the elements to be placed tightly next to each other, which increases the technical parameters and the absorption of vibrations and sounds.

Vibro-isolating mat for the track surface – properties:

  • high level of vibration and sound isolation, thanks to which it perfectly dampens vibrations and noise of rail vehicles,
  • greater fatigue strength compared to traditional rubber mats,
  • low coefficients of dynamic stiffness,
  • increased electrical insulation,
  • resistance to harsh weather conditions that guarantees long product life,
  • use temperature: from -30 ⁰C to +70 ⁰C,
  • resistance to heavy loads,
  • easy installation and dismantling,

product approved by the National Technical Assessment: IBDIM (Road and Bridge Research Institute).

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