Sport Mat with artificial grass – square

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The Sport Mat with artificial grass, 16-18 mm long, is primarily intended for outdoor gyms and outdoor sports facilities. It is an aesthetic and ecological solution providing safe and comfortable workouts while maintaining a natural appearance all year round.

It can also be applied in indoor gyms, especially in weight pulling zones. Artificial grass makes the loads gently glide while stabilizing the exerciser, which ensures optimal training conditions and affects its effectiveness.

The Sport Mat with artificial grass is resistant to severe weather conditions and mechanical damage, which guarantees long durability of the surface and long-lasting maintenance of its original aesthetics. Resistance to UV rays means that the colours do not fade, which additionally preserves its natural appearance.

It is characterized by anti-slip properties, which is appreciated by professional fitness halls and sports enthusiasts, as it increases stabilization, eliminates the risk of falling, and thus influences the comfort, safety and efficiency of training.

Sport Mat with artificial grass – advantages:

  • high aesthetic values owing to a layer of artificial grass resistant to weather conditions and UV rays,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate confirming the high quality of the product,
  • anti-slip properties ensuring stabilization,
  • sound-insulating and vibro-isolating properties that suppress noise and increase the comfort of training,
  • shock absorption during intense exercise, also providing protection against injuries during falls,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on the DIY system,
  • trouble-free maintenance of cleanliness,
  • 100% repeatable elements,
  • ecological product created in the process of recycling used car tyres.

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