Sled Track Mat with artificial grass – square

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The Sled Track Mat applied in the outer part has a layer of artificial grass with a length of 10 mm. This solution is recommended as a safe and functional rubber surface used in professional gyms and mini fitness rooms in hotels and Wellness & Spa facilities. It allows to introduce high arrangement aesthetics, which highlights the relationship with nature and the pro-ecological direction of the owners’ activities.

The surface of the Sled Track Mat with artificial grass is non-slip, therefore it provides excellent support while exercising, and at the same time provides the weights with a slight glide – which is used when pulling them.

The sports field is characterized by resistance to heavy loads, thanks to which it can be an interesting alternative to the arrangement of cardio, crossfit zones and free weights, where it constitutes a base for heavy sports equipment.

Sled Track Mat with artificial grass – properties:

  • non-slip surface providing adequate support during training, affecting its effectiveness,
  • soundproofing and vibro-isolation increasing the comfort of exercise,
  • PZH certificate guaranteeing high quality of the surface,
  • flexibility that provides cushioning during a fall and minimizing the risk of injury and bruising,
  • artificial grass with a length of 10 mm,
  • resistance to heavy loads,
  • resistance to harsh weather conditions, including moisture, frost and high temperatures,
  • high aesthetic values emphasizing the pro-ecological direction of the activities of the sports facility owners,
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance ensuring high aesthetics of the arrangement and hygiene with relatively little effort,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on the DIY system,
  • 100% repeatability of elements, which makes it easier to supplement any omissions,
  • ecological product created in the process of recycling car tyres.

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