SBR granules

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SBR is made of ecological rubber granules, perfect for creating various types of safe surfaces. It is our main product manufactured by Rubtiler.

Our ecological SBR granules:

  • are produced in 100% in the recycling process of European truck tyres from carefully selected brands – so you have a guarantee of their properties and purity,
  • are subjected to a comprehensive purification process – it is free from contamination by textiles or steel and retains up to 99.9% purity,
  • are dyed in different colours – making the products not only reliable, but also aesthetic.

We offer SBR granules in a wide range of sizes. You may order:

  • fine granules (sizes from 0.0 to 1.25 mm) – used as an admixture to asphalt, concrete or a material for gaskets production,
  • granular sizes of 0.6 – 3 mm – used, among others, as a filling for artificial grass, fitness mats or soundproofing plates,
  • granular size of 1 – 6 mm – used for safe surfaces and for the production of various rubber products.

The granules are packed in BigBag sacks (1000 kg). 25 kg sacks are available for order. We ensure safe and efficient transport.

Get in touch with our sales team to settle the details of your transaction.


  • POWDER 0,0 – 0,8 mm
  • POWDER 0,3 – 1,25 mm
  • INFILL 0,6 – 2 mm
  • INFIL 1 – 3 mm
  • BASE 1 – 4 mm
  • BASE 2 – 4 mm
  • BASE 3 – 6 mm
  • BASE 5 – 30 mm


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