Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect

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Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect is an innovative product that utilizes the latest technologies to protect against bacteria and viruses.

Independent testing by the certification body TÜV Nord has demonstrated viricidal and bactericidal efficacy after contact with surface in real time:

  • Escherichia Coli bacteria – min. 85% (tested according to ASTM E2149),
  • Influenza viruses – min. 65% (tested according to ISO 21702:2019),
  • Human coronaviruses – min. 85% (tested according to ISO 21702:2019).

The products are intended for facilities where special health safety conditions are required.

Products from the Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect line provide protection in their entire thickness while maintaining other technical parameters. The active agent – nanoparticles with viricidal and bactericidal properties – is contained in the whole product mass.

Why Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect:

  • elimination of up to 90% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS Covid-19, on surfaces,
  • anti-slip properties that minimize the risk of falls and increase comfort of use,
  • resistance to difficult weather conditions, including humidity, frost, and high temperatures,
  • resistance to mechanical damage that guarantees long service life,
  • critical fall height confirmed by the HIC certification (up to 2.7 m), which is particularly valuable on playgrounds,
  • possibility to cut, which enables customization and personalization of the surface,
  • easy installation thanks to the DIY system,
  • problem-free cleaning, which makes it easy to maintain hygiene on site with relatively little effort,
  • a 100% environmentally friendly product made as a result of recycling of used car tires,
  • a PZH certificate,
  • a TÜV Nord Tested Product certificate.

Every Rubtiler product is available in the Vir&Bact Protect version.

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