Outdoor gym rubber tile – square

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The square outdoor gym rubber tile allows you to create a safe, comfortable and functional space for outdoor training. It is made of SBR granules or SBR/ EPDM rubber compound. The high quality of raw materials ensures excellent technical parameters, durability, resistance and long life of the sports surface.

The outdoor gym rubber tile is available in two versions:

  • standard (Base) – elements are made with the use of a press, and the edges have rabbets and bevels,
  • Antishock – a rubber mat with an anti-shock bottom, dedicated in particular to places that are intensively used; the construction provides additional protection of the surface against damage.

The mat is also available with artificial grass.

Outdoor gym rubber tile – advantages:

  • non-slip surface provides a stable support while exercising and using stationary devices,
  • resistance to high loads and resistance to mechanical damage make it an ideal solution for heavy training equipment,
  • resistance to moisture, frost and high temperatures guarantees long durability of the floor,
  • soft and smooth surface eliminates the risk of abrasions,
  • absorbing of possible falls minimizes the risk of injury,
  • critical fall height of up to 2 m confirmed by the HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certificate, and with the use of the proprietary Rubtiler software, the possibility of increasing the parameter to 2.7 m,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) approval,
  • a wide range of colours allows you to arrange an attractive sports and recreation space,
  • fire resistance confirmed by CFL-S1 or DFL-S1 certificate,
  • resistance to UV radiation guarantees the colour stability and aesthetic appearance throughout the entire period of use,
  • ease of installation based on a DIY self-installation system,
  • the possibility of cutting allows you to adjust to the size of the planned surface,
  • 100% ecological product.

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