Rubber tile for garage/workshop – square

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The square rubber tile is a universal product intended for the garage, workshop and parking lot. It ensures safety, aesthetic appearance and high hygiene of the room thanks to the ease of cleaning and maintenance.


It is made of SBR granules purified in 99.9%, which guarantees durability, resistance and long life. It is possible to use EPDM compounds to increase technical parameters.

The mat is designed to be laid on the floor and on the walls, which additionally makes the room soundproof.

The square rubber tile for garage and workshop is available in three versions:

  • standard (Base) – the elements are made using a press, at the edges they have characteristic bevels and chamfers that are visible in the form of delicate slopes on the joints, which shape the aesthetic value of the surface,
  • Slice – elements are cut from a larger block, the edges are pointed, have no bevels or chamfers, and the contact points are along the entire length and width of the sides,
  • Antishock – a rubber tile with an anti-shock base provides excellent shock absorption during falls; its reinforcement protects the original surface against damage.

Rubber square tile for garage and workshop – properties:

  • anti-slip properties guaranteeing a stable support for users, devices and machines,
  • high load capacity, which protects the original surface from damage by shelves or equipment,
  • resistance to mechanical damage that influences the long life of the rubber surface,
  • thermal insulation of the surface increasing the comfort of work in both professional and home workshops,
  • protection against noise thanks to soundproofing and vibro-isolation,
  • resistance to moisture,
  • use temperature range: from 30 ⁰C to +70 ⁰C,
  • 100% repeatable elements,
  • a wide range of colours that allows to arrange an elegant and aesthetic space,
  • resistance to UV rays protecting against colour loss,
  • easy to clean, which facilitates keeping high hygiene level in the room with relatively little effort,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) approval,
  • critical fall height up to 1.8 m certified by HIC (Head Injury Criterion),
  • trouble-free installation based on a DIY system,
  • ecological product created in the process of recycling used car tyres.

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