Rubber tile for playground (Safe Antishock)

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The Antishock tile for playgrounds with an anti-shock base is especially recommended for children’s recreation areas at nursery schools, primary schools and city parks, where the number of playing children is greater.

The Antishock Rubtiler tile has excellent shock absorption properties. It provides maximum safety during intense games and in the case of falls. Its thickness and flexibility additionally protect against injuries.

Antishock tile for playground – properties:

  • anti-shock bottom that increases shock absorption during play and possible falls, which increases the safety of several-year-olds,
  • HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certificate up to 2 m, which guarantees that a fall from this height does not cause permanent and serious injuries; in the case of using the proprietary Rubtiler program, this parameter can be increased to 2.7 m,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate confirming the high quality of the surface and the safety of use by children,
  • non-slip surface to protect against falls,
  • the water drainage system and quick-drying surface increase the functionality of use,
  • softness eliminates the risk of abrasions,
  • resistance to high loads allowing the installation of devices such as swings and slides,
  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • long service life,
  • resistance to UV rays, humidity and temperatures from -30 ⁰C to 70 ⁰C guarantees a constant, aesthetic appearance,
  • a large range of colours that allows to arrange an attractive and aesthetic space for children,
  • 100% element repeatability allows you to combine different colour versions and increase the attractiveness of the space,
  • self-installation and dismantling based on the DIY system, which allows for quick completion of the investment without additional financial outlays,
  • easy cleaning and maintenance,
  • ecological product created in the process of recycling used car tyres.

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