Rubber speed hump

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A rubber speed hump is an excellent alternative to traditional concrete solutions. Easy installation into the ground without additional modifications to the surface reduces investment costs.

It is especially recommended for parking lots, internal roads in housing estates, roads in built-up areas in sensitive places with a high risk of accidents or dangerous situations.

It is a 100% eco-friendly product created in the process of recycling used car tyres.

Rubber speed hump – features:

  • resistance to mechanical damage guarantees long life of the surface,
  • Resistance to heavy loads, making it suitable even for truck traffic,
  • soft and elastic surface minimising the risk of damaging the car chassis,
  • fluorescent paint to increase visibility at night and improve product functionality,
  • resistance to moisture and difficult atmospheric conditions – temperature tolerance from -30⁰C to +70⁰C guaranteeing long product life and maintaining aesthetics throughout the entire period of use,
  • made of high quality SBR granulate purified in 99.9%, which allows to obtain excellent technical parameters,
  • flame retardant product,
  • trouble-free installation to existing concrete surface,
  • a 100% eco-friendly solution.

Rubber speed hump – dimensions:

  • length x width –
  • height –

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