Acoustically insulating rubber mat with gypsum – square

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The insulating rubber mat with gypsum in a square version is a specialist product intended for civil engineering and for places requiring high acoustic and sound insulation. It is used in hotels, conference rooms, wellness & spa facilities, open space and call-centre areas, restaurants and bars.

The gypsum insulating rubber mat consists of two layers:

  • class 1 fireproof foam rubber, 20 mm thick,
  • high-density fireproof plasterboard.

It is available in the Slice version, in which individual elements are cut from a larger tile. They do not have edges and bevels, so they fit tightly together. Such a structure increases the soundproofing of the room.

The insulating rubber mat with gypsum is prepared to be installed on walls and ceilings with the use of traditional cement-based glue or nylon expander bolts.

Square insulating rubber mat with gypsum – properties:

  • sound insulation capacity:
  • Rw31 dB – in relation to the panel,
  • Rw51 dB – in relation to the wall made of two plasterboard elements with a panel 23 mm thick inside,
  • temperature of use: from +80 °C to -30 °C,
  • fire resistance confirmed by flammability CFL-S1 certificate,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) approval,
  • easy installation based on a DIY system,
  • made of non-toxic, recyclable materials.

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