Rubber masking ramp panel

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Provides cable protection, reducing the risk of electrical failure. Increases the aesthetics of the interior. Provides greater safety for users by protecting them against tripping, injury and damage.

The rubber masking ramp panel is dedicated especially for places of high exploitation where there is a need for perfect protection. It is especially recommended for professional gyms, fitness rooms, production and storage halls, offices and open space facilities.

It is also available in a biocidal version Vir&Bact Protect.

Rubber masking ramp panel – features:

  • resistance to heavy loads and mechanical damage, thanks to which the product works well in facilities with heavy traffic,
  • PZH certificate confirming the high quality of the product,
  • fire resistance with the possibility of obtaining the CFL-S1 or DFL-S1 flammability certificate required for surfaces in public facilities,
  • the shape of a delicate overhang protects against tripping and allows the electrical components to be protected,
  • moisture resistance for additional protection of sockets and cables,
  • soft and smooth surface,
  • long service life,
  • high aesthetics and the possibility of matching colours to the Rubtiler surfaces,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on the DIY system,
  • trouble-free cleaning with traditional detergents allowing to maintain high hygiene in the interior with a relatively small expenditure of strength and financial resources,
  • a 100% ecological product created in the process of recycling used truck tyres.

Rubber masking ramp panel – dimensions:

  • length x width – 100×10 cm
  • height – 2 cm

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