Insulating rubber mat with geotextile – puzzle

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The rubber insulating mat with geotextile in the puzzle version is a specialized product for the construction industry, used in steel and concrete structures. Excellent soundproofing and vibro-insulating properties are used to suppress noise and vibrations caused by movements of structural elements.

The insulating rubber mat is made of 99.9% purified SBR granules, which guarantees durability, resistance to loads and long product life. It can be used directly on construction elements.

Puzzle version of insulating rubber mat with geotextile – advantages:

  • noise and vibration suppression in rooms thanks to sound and vibration insulation,
  • resistance to low and high temperatures – adjusted to be applied at temp. from -30 ⁰C to +70 ⁰C,
  • fire resistance confirmed by CFL-S1 certificate,
  • the puzzle version is easy to install, and 100% repeatability of the elements allows to fill any gaps,
  • resistance to moisture,
  • resistance to heavy loads,
  • can be installed directly to structural elements.

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