Rubber cubes BEHATON

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Rubber tiles or rubber cubes (BEHATON) made of high quality SBR and SBR + EPDM granules. Those products are dedicated to home and garden areas (parking lot, patio, walkways, paving etc.).


  • anti-slip surface
  • good drainage
  • resistant to frost water and other weather conditions
  • safe drop height (HIC) up to 180 cm
  • tiles can be laid on any even and hardened substrate (we recommend screed or concrete) with water drainage
  • absorb noise, vibrations, and shocks, provide a cushioning effect
  • possibility to cut tiles to make them match equipment or irregular surface shapes
  • simple installation and removal (DIY)
  • finishing accessories – flexible ramps and curbstones
  • hygiene certificate – PZH (National Hygiene Institute)

DIMENSIONS (width x length / thickness):

  • 20 x 16 x 4,5 cm / 1 – 2 cm

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