Rubber built-in masking panel L Shape

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The L-shaped rubber cable masking panel is a perfect complement to the SBR granulate surface. It hides the electrical installation and keeps its components close to the wall in the corners of the room. It increases the safety of users by protecting them from tripping and protects the installation from damage.

The L-shape rubber cable masking panel is flat and its height matches most Rubtiler mats, ensuring that the surface stays level.

The product is dedicated for objects of intensive use, where maximum protection is required. Therefore, it works well in:

  • fitness rooms,
  • professional gyms,
  • offices,
  • factories,
  • warehouses,
  • open space facilities,
  • kindergartens.

The L Shape built-in panel is also available in an anti-virus and anti-bacterial version in the Vir&Bact Protect series.

L Shape built-in rubber masking panel – features:

  • resistance to high loads and resistance to mechanical damage guarantee long life of the product even in places of intensive use,
  • a PZH hygiene certificate confirming the high quality of the product,
  • made of SBR granulate purified in 99.9%, which allows to achieve excellent technical parameters,
  • fire resistance providing additional protection against the spread of fire,
  • moisture resistance, which additionally protects electrical components,
  • height matched to Rubtiler rubber tiles to ensure a uniform surface,
  • rich colors corresponding to other Rubtiler products, which allows to create arrangements of high aesthetic values,
  • trouble-free cleaning,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on the DIY system,
  • a 100% ecological product.

L Shape built-in rubber masking panel – dimensions:

  • length x width – 20×20 cm
  • height – 1.5 cm

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