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Stables or animal cubicle for breeding – these are just some of the spaces in need of a safe and hygienic surface. Rubtiler rubber mats are an excellent solution in this case.

Rubtiler breeding mats (rubber tiles for fencing):

  • are made of the highest quality of rubber SBR + EPDM granules with excellent technical specifications,
  • are suitable for stalls/boxes for horses or other farm animals,
  • ensure excellent ground cushioning – reducing noise and vibration, increasing animal comfort and reducing the risk of injury,
  • exhibit high hygienic standards – they are PZH certified and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in breeding rooms,
  • increase safety – among other things due to their excellent anti-slip properties (also when wet) and flammability class.

Their assembly and disassembly are easy – they can be assembled on different types of surfaces, adjusting to the specific nature of the fencing (DIY). The breeding tiles can be cut to fit irregular shapes of the surface.

DIMENSIONS (width x length / thickness):

  • 98 x 98 cm / 0,8 – 2 cm
  • 99 x 99 cm / 1 – 3 cm

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