Playgrounds with RUBTILER systems, up to HIC 3.1m – square

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Do you want to create a safe and appealing playground for children? If so, do not only provide interesting elements, but also ensure their safety. Select the best solution, modern tiles made of ecological rubber granules offered by Rubtiler.

Playground rubber tiles are characterised by:

  • SBR or SBR/EPDM granule manufacturing,
  • Head Injury Criterion up to 3.1 cm (Rubtiler System) – is a guarantee of excellent cushioning of falls,
  • are PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) certified,
  • good water drainage and resistance to high and low temperatures – the tiles are fit to be mounted outdoors,
  • anti-slip properties – prevent slipping – eliminate the risk of tripping and falling, safe for children,
  • to a large extent sunlight, UV ray, frost and other weather conditions proof,
  • easy assembly and disassembly (DIY) – the tiles can be laid on various surfaces (e.g. concrete screed, hardened aggregate substructure, asphalt or slabs) and cut to fit the surface,
  • easy to clean,
  • can be cut to any desired length to match the shape of an irregular surface,
  • appealing design – we guarantee access to a wide range of colours and patterns,
  • can be laid on a variety of surfaces, e.g. asphalt, concrete, slabs or a well-hardened aggregate base,
  • they can be mounted with a variety of game equipment.

The picture tiles may include:

  • various types of patterns – e.g. animals, trees and other symbols,
  • letters or numbers – perfect e.g. for a kindergarten playground, can also be used as a teaching aid.


  • HIC to 3,1 m / HIC to 3,0 m / HIC to 2,5 m / HIC to 2,4 m / HIC to 2,2 m / HIC to 2,1 m / HIC to 2,0 m / HIC to 1,9 m / HIC to 1,8 m / HIC to 1,7 m / HIC to 1,6 m / HIC to 1,5 m / HIC to 1,4 m / HIC to 1,1 m

DIMENSIONS (width x length / thickness / surface):

  • 50 x 50 cm / 2 – 7 cm / BASE
  • 50 x 50 cm / 4 – 6 cm / ANTISHOCK
  • 100 x 100 cm / 4 – 6 cm / ANTISHOCK
  • 100 x 50 cm / 4 – 6 cm / ANTISHOCK


  • BASE

Other elements of the category

Sandbox (roller and wall)

Sandbox (roller and wall)

Sandbox is an absolute must on any children's playground - both public and private. Do you want it made from safe and eye-pleasing components? If so, make use of the Rubtiler accessories.

0 x 0 x 0 mm
Pcs in a package
pc. / m2

Square tile skirts

Square tile skirts

Have you selected Rubtiler Square Rubber Tiles? If so, you need elements to complete your elegant surface - so that the floor is firm and consistent.

0 x 0 x 0 mm
Pcs in a package
pc. / m2

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