Parking space separator/road bumper

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The parking space separator is used to mark parking spaces and communication paths both in underground car parks and in open spaces. It is recommended in particular as a solution for shopping malls, airports, restaurants, hotels with high car traffic.

The parking space separator is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The parking space separator is made of SBR granules or SBR/EPDM rubber compound, which guarantee a long service life.

It meets in the 92/58/EEC standard.

Parking space separator – advantages:

  • resistance to mechanical damage providing a long life of the product,
  • smooth surface eliminating the risk of abrasions to car paint,
  • option of adding reflective elements to improve visibility and increase functionality,
  • resistance to harsh weather conditions, including moisture, frost and high temperatures,
  • trouble-free installation based on the DIY system,
  • 100% ecological product.

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