L Shape ramp

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The L-shaped rubber masking panel allows for a perfect finish of the rubber surface in the corners of the room. The groove on the underside allows the power cables to be neatly hidden, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

L shape ramp cover is dedicated to all objects which require special conditions. It works well in gyms, fitness rooms, production halls, warehouses, as well as in kindergartens and extended indoor playgrounds for children. It is recommended for mass events taking place in closed facilities.

L Shape rubber masking panel (ramp) – features:

  • resistance to high loads and mechanical damage thanks to the use of high-quality SBR granules, purified to 99.9%,
  • fire resistance, which increases safety and prevents the spread of fire in the event of a possible short circuit,
  • large capacity of gutter grooves on the underside allowing to mask more cables, which is a functional solution especially for fitness rooms and production and storage halls,
  • ergonomic shape that works perfectly with Rubtiler rubber mats, ensuring a smooth and gentle transition and minimising the risk of tripping,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate,
  • durability, guaranteeing long product life even under heavy use,
  • moisture-proof, additionally protecting the electrical installation against unforeseen wetting,
  • wide range of colours matching the colours of Rubtiler rubber mats, which increases the aesthetics of the interior design,
  • easy installation and dismantling.

L shape rubber masking panel – dimensions:

  • length x width – 20×20 cm
  • height – 2 cm

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