Industrial impact attenuator

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The industrial impact attenuator is a professional product with a wide range of applications in ports, on ships, in production, transhipment and storage halls. It is used as buoys, to seal ship doors and hatches, as well as an element that protects storage areas and industrial equipment against collision.

The industrial impact attenuator is made of high-quality SBR granules purified in 99.9%, which guarantees durability, excellent technical parameters and a long service life. It is available in a wide range of colours, and the possibility of adding reflective elements increases its functionality.

Rubtiler industrial impact attenuator – features:

  • PZH certificate confirming high quality,
  • flexible and durable structure ensuring perfect shielding and protection against damage,
  • resistance to harsh weather conditions, which ensures long life,
  • resistance to sea water,
  • reflective elements increasing visibility and functionality,
  • a wide range of colours,
  • ecological product created in the process of recycling used car tyres.

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