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Open-air gyms, fitness club lounge, space dedicated to bodybuilding or perhaps a home place for crossfit? In any of these places you need a safe surface. Our rubber mats are perfect for fitness room use.

Fitness/sport rubber mats:

  • are made of high quality rubber granules – ecological SBR granules as well as SBR and EPDM mixtures – these are materials with excellent properties, which work well in professional spaces,
  • absorb any shock related to falls and increase the comfort and safety of exercises.
  • protect the floor from damage caused by the assembly of heavy equipment,
  • their anti-slip properties eliminate the risk of falling,
  • reduce noise during exercise and ensure you can move around freely,
  • are easy to assemble and disassemble by yourself (DIY),
  • available in a wide range of colours – fitting the aesthetics of your space,
  • their properties make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

DIMENSIONS (width x length / thickness):

  • 99 x 99 cm / 1 – 5 cm (fitness), 2 – 5 cm (crossfit)
  • 98 x 98 cm / 0,2 – 2 cm (fitness), 1 – 2 cm (crossfit)

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