BKG composite drainage tile

BKG 50-1-5-2

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The BKG composite drainage panel is a proprietary, innovative product of Rubtiler, which allows natural vegetation to take root while maintaining a high degree of substrate stabilization.

It consists of 4 layers:

  • Surface/vegetation layer, which is created in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer by sowing and rooting selected plants,
  • stabilizing layer with a thickness of min. 1 cm providing primary support for the vegetation elements, made of coconut non-woven fabric to stabilize the seeds, ensure their permanent rooting and plant growth,
  • ballast made of cavernous concrete with a thickness of min. 4 cm,
  • bottom layer, made of rubber granulate bonded with polyurethane resin – min. thickness: 2 cm.

The BKG drainage tile is perfect for:

  • substrate in green zones around office buildings,
  • green communication routes for pedestrians in parks and parking lots,
  • securing and strengthening the surface of road slopes and embankments,
  • protection of the beds and banks of rivers against pollution and erosion,
  • protection of the ground against wind, rainwater run-off and landslides caused by considerable soil moisture.

Check our full range of Rubtiler composite substrates, learn about their advantages and applications. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will respond to all your enquiries and our consultant will suggest optimal solutions.

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