Ramp (smooth edges)

Wróć do kolekcji

The rubber ramp allows for an aesthetic finish of safe surfaces made of Rubtiler mats. It is adapted to any type of surface, therefore it works well on the playground, in the fitness room, in outdoor gyms, as well as in stables and paddocks, where it increases the safety of animals by eliminating thresholds. When combined with the wall, it is a structural element of a safe rubber sandbox.

The ramp is made of durable SBR granules or SBR/EPDM rubber compound, which guarantee a long service life. It is available in a wide range of solutions, e.g. with one or two cut sides, with a straight or cut corner. This allows you to adjust the finish to the surface and your own taste.

Rubtiler rubber ramp – features:

  • non-slip properties increasing the safety of the rubber surface,
  • resistance to high loads, thanks to which it can be used in places with high traffic, as well as in stables and paddocks for animals,
  • resistance to harsh weather conditions, including moisture, frost and high temperatures guarantees long product life,
  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • a wide range of colours corresponding to the palette of rubber tiles, which allows for perfect colour matching and creating a consistent and aesthetic arrangement,
  • resistance to UV rays, thanks to which the ramp does not change its appearance even with prolonged exposure to the sun,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on the DIY system,
  • 100% ecological product.



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