Antishock rubber mat

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The Antishock rubber mat with an anti-shock bottom is designed for extremely demanding sports spaces such as crossfit, deadlift zones, as well as free weights and drag areas.

The 40 mm thick tile provides excellent shock, vibration and sound insulation. Its main task is to protect the ground against damage while providing exceptionally comfortable conditions for training.

The Antishock rubber mat – owing to its increased shock-absorbing properties – provides additional protection against injuries and contusions, while the square shape allows the elements to be closely positioned next to each other with the contact points along the entire length of the edges, which increases the safety and protection of the surface against damage.

Antishock rubber mat – advantages:

  • increased anti-shock properties,
  • perfect isolation of sounds and vibrations,
  • greater shock absorption properties to protect against damage to the body and contusions,
  • slip resistance,
  • resistance to heavy loads,
  • resistance to mechanical damage that guarantees long life of the rubber surface,
  • PZH certificate confirming high quality of the product,
  • fire resistance and the possibility of obtaining a CFL-S1 certificate,
  • ease of installation based on a DIY self-installation system,
  • trouble-free cleaning, which ensures keeping high hygiene level in the facility with relatively little effort,
  • 100% ecological product created from SBR granules as a result of recycling used rubber tyres.

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