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Rubtiler rubber vibro-insulating mats demonstrate increased properties of vibration absorption and noise suppression.

They are made of modern SBR granules or high-quality SBR+EPDM rubber compound. They are durable and resistant to weather conditions, including frost and moisture.

Rubtiler rubber vibro-insulating mats are recommended in particular for:

  • railway industry – as an ideal base to dampen vibrations and noise caused by rail vehicles,
  • construction industry – as an engineering material suppressing noise transmitted between structural elements,
  • other branches of industry – as an underlay for heavy machinery, securing the original surface against damage and increasing the comfort of work by minimizing vibrations and suppressing noise caused by the operation of machines.

The most relevant features of rubber vibro-insulating mats:

  • high vibration and noise damping index,
  • resistance to frost, high temperatures and moisture,
  • perfect water drainage system thanks to the application of an appropriate fraction of SBR granules,
  • increased electrical insulation,
  • the possibility of obtaining a CFL and DFL flammability certificate.

The panels are available in a puzzle or square version – standard or with geotextile, which is particularly appreciated by structural construction discipline. All options are suitable for self-installation.

Rubtiler vibro-insulating rubber mats have been approved by the National Technical Assessment: IBDIM (Road and Bridge Research Institute).

We encourage you to browse our full catalogue of products, or to directly contact our consultants, who will suggest the best solutions.

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