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Rubber mats are a modern and aesthetic form of arranging terraces, balconies and patios. Thanks to it you can create a pleasant place to relax and play for children.

The tiles are made of highly purified SBR granules and SBR/EPDM compound. They are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH), which is a guarantee of quality and confirmation of safe use even by children.

They are available in two versions in terms of their installation – puzzle or square. Both are adapted for easy and independent installation based on a DIY system.

Smooth surfaces are offered in a wide range of colours, which provides you with numerous options to create an interesting space consistent with the arrangement of your surroundings. On the other hand, our rubber panels with artificial grass will create a cosy, green corner of relaxation blending in with the surrounding nature.

Mats for the terrace and balcony are a modern and ecological alternative. Our products are created in the process of recycling car tyres. Choosing them is a contribution in saving our planet.

The rubber panels for terraces and balconies and their greatest advantages:

  • high quality confirmed by the PZH certificate, which guarantees the safety also for the youngest users,
  • thermal insulation properties that affect comfort also on cooler days, which is particularly essential when children play on the terrace,
  • non-slip properties minimizing the risk of falls,
  • frost resistance which guarantees a long service life of the rubber panels,
  • resistance to UV rays ensures the high aesthetic appearance of our products,
  • trouble-free maintenance of cleanliness,
  • a wide range of colours of our rubber tiles for the terrace and balcony that enables to create an interesting relaxation zone, matching the arrangement of the house and its surroundings,
  • the possibility of cutting the rubber mats translates into the comfort of easy adjustment to the curves and angles of the available surface,
  • effortless installation and dismantling based on a DIY system – everyone can install them on their own, which reduces expenses and saves time,
  • 100% ecological product providing you with the opportunity to design a modern environment in the spirit of environmental protection.

See the broad range of Rubtiler terrace and balcony rubber tiles and create an elegant place to rest.



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