Sports surfaces

Rubtiler rubber panels for sports facilities satisfy high standards, meeting the requirements of professional fitness rooms both inside and outside buildings.

They are available in the form of squares and puzzles in a smooth version or with artificial grass. Both solutions are ready for self-installation, which can be performed in just one day.

Smooth rubber tiles in the Base and Slice versions are dedicated to crossfit and cardio zones. In the free-weights zone, ANTISHOCK mats are the best choice owing to their vibro-insulating properties and shock-absorbing bottom.

The products with artificial grass, however, are valued primarily in outdoor facilities and indoor gyms in the area intended for weight pulling. They ensure adequate stabilization of the exerciser and provide better gliding of weights.

Rubtiler rubber panels and their greatest advantages:

  • non-slip properties that protect against falls and provide stable support, at the same time increasing the effectiveness of training,
  • protection against noise thanks to sound insulation and vibration isolation, which increases the comfort of individual exercises,
  • flexibility and cushioning to protect against damage to the body during potential falls,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate,
  • resistance to moisture, frost and high temperatures ensures their durability even when installed outdoors,
  • critical fall height of up to 3 metres confirmed by the HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certificate, in the case when the proprietary Rubtiler system is used,
  • strength and resistance to mechanical damage protects the original surface against damage,
  • long life of rubber mats thanks to the use of high-quality and purified SBR granules,
  • easy and quick installation thanks to a DIY system enabling self-installation, thus reducing costs and saving time,
  • the possibility of cutting and adjusting to the curves and ends of the room,
  • trouble-free maintenance of cleanliness, which ensures the aesthetics of the facility with a relatively low amount of work,
  • the possibility of personalizing the rubber tiles allowing to build a coherent image of the object and its consistent visualization,
  • a wide range of colours,
  • ecological product created as result of recycling car tyres.

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