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Rubtiler SBR and TDF granules are produced during a fully controlled tyre recycling process.

In production, we use selected truck tyres that are manufactured by European brands and are characterized by high technical parameters. In the Rubtiler factory, we do not use goods from East Asia, thanks to which we eliminate the inferior quality raw material.

We have a diverse range of SBR granulate fractions; from 0.5 to 6 mm, owing to which we provide a multifunctional base for wide use.

SBR and TDF granules are used as:

  • artificial grass filling,
  • supplementation of the rubber surface during the maintenance activities on sports fields,
  • building material for safe surfaces of rubber sports and recreational facilities, e.g. tennis courts, basketball and football fields, etc.,
  • component of the surface and base layer mixed with aggregate, asphalt or cement,
  • material for rubber poured screed,
  • alternative heating fuel (TDF) used mainly in heating plants and cement plants,
  • for the production of toys and other rubber products, e.g. gaskets.

Find out more about the possibilities of using SBR and TDF granules. Check our offer or contact us. Our consultant will answer all your questions.



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