Rubber Cover Panels

Rubber cable covers provide reliable and aesthetically pleasing protection for your electrical supply. Cover panels are the perfect complement to rubber surfaces in:

  • fitness rooms,
  • kindergartens,
  • offices,
  • factories,
  • warehouses.

They also work well at trade shows and exhibitions, providing a comfortable solution that is quick and easy to set up and take down.

Rubber masking panels are a 100% ecological product created in the process of recycling used car tyres.

They are also available in a biocidal version in the Rubtiler Vir&Bact Protect series.

Key Features:

  • Increasing security of the facility especially in gyms, fitness clubs and production halls by carefully masking all cables.
  • Improved interior aesthetics by hiding cables in built-in channels.
  • Minimising the risk of injury by providing additional tripping protection.
  • Providing a homogeneous surface with high aesthetic and image value thanks to a wide range of colours matching the mats and rubber tiles.

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