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Engineer your eco-style garden. Rubtiler rubber products are made of high-quality SBR granules and SBR EPDM rubber compound. They are the result of a full recycling process of used truck tyres. They will allow you to create an elegant garden arrangement in the form of paths, playgrounds for children and relaxation areas for adults. Everything in the spirit of eco, with a vision of saving our planet, as every contribution matters.

Rubtiler’s range of products includes:

  • rubber mats for your garden – you will create a place to rest or a home playground for your children,
  • Behaton rubber paving blocks – an ecological and modern alternative to traditional cobblestones – you can set out paths, sidewalks and separate a place for a barbecue or floor in a modern gazebo,
  • rubber curbs – a flexible and safe solution thanks to which you will elegantly finish paths, sidewalks and areas where you can rest and play.

Rubtiler rubber accessories for your garden and their greatest advantages:

  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate guaranteeing high quality of products,
  • non-slip properties that provide a stable support and minimize the risk of falls,
  • flexibility of rubber mats absorbs falls and protects against abrasions and injuries,
  • soft and smooth surface eliminating the risk of damage to the car when access roads are marked out with accessories of SBR,
  • resistance to moisture, frost and high temperatures ensures long durability of the rubber products,
  • resistance to UV rays guarantees the aesthetic appearance,
  • a wide range of colours will allow you to arrange an elegant space suited to the overall arrangement of the garden,
  • the option of cutting SBR granulate panels enables you to create zones in the desired size and shape,
  • self-installation based on a DIY system reduces your expenses and time.

See the full range of Rubtiler rubber products and create an elegant environment in your own garden in the spirit of ecology.

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