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Rubtiler rubber panels and their anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties are also used during outdoor events and in closed rooms. They provide participants with safety, and minimize the risk of falls and injuries. SBR granulate mats and SBR/EPDM compounds are easy to install and dismantle; no special skills are needed to quickly lay them and then put them back into pieces. Thanks to this, they enable to swiftly arrange space for cyclical or one-time sports events, such as weightlifting competitions, or a football or basketball tournament.

They can also be used as a mobile surface for the organization of events and celebrations both outdoors and inside buildings. Resistance to damage makes these rubber mats an excellent protection of the original floor against damage during events.

Their dismantling after the end of ventures, and the possibility of storing them until the next events, substantially extends their service life.

Mobile event surfaces made of Rubtiler rubber panels and their greatest advantages:

  • easy installation and dismantling allowing for quick and independent arrangement of space for cyclical sports and cultural events,
  • resistance to mechanical damage, which protects the primary floor against damage,
  • anti-slip properties ensuring a stable support during sports competitions and increasing the safety of participants of the ceremony,
  • trouble-free care for cleanliness, which ensures quick and easy maintenance after completed events,
  • long service life of products made of high-quality SBR and SBR+EPDM granules,
  • a variety of colours allowing for the arrangement of a coherent space,
  • rubber panels with artificial grass allow you to arrange a pleasant space outdoors,
  • ecological product manufactured by recycling truck tyres with high technical parameters.

Check our offer and see how quickly you can set up a place for a major event using mobile surfaces made of Rubtiler rubber panels.

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