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Rubber lair mats are used as a surface in both stables and pens. They allow to create a safe and comfortable rubber surface that protects against cold and damage to the body.

They are available in larger sizes, which generates a smaller number of joints. This increases the comfort of use, makes it easier to maintain the aesthetics of the rubber base and speeds up installation.

Rubtiler’s offer includes square and puzzle mats, and their choice depends on individual preferences. Both have the same technical parameters and are adapted to self-installation,

Rubtiler lair mats – their greatest advantages:

  • thermal insulation protects against cold from the ground, preventing the room from cooling down, and increasing the comfort of use,
  • non-slip properties minimize the risk of falls,
  • flexibility and cushioning,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate,
  • DFL and CFL flammability certificates guaranteeing greater safety in the facility and adjusting the products to HSE regulations in the field of fire protection,
  • resistance to heavy loads makes it an ideal solution for heavy farm animals,
  • soft surface eliminates the risk of abrasions,
  • easy to clean, which enables to maintain the hygiene of the facility with relatively little effort,
  • a special fraction of granules allows easy drainage of moisture,
  • larger sizes increase the functionality of the floor surface,
  • easy installation based on a DIY system.

Take a look at the Rubtiler lair mats offer and see how you can increase comfort and safety in breeding facilities.

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