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In Rubtiler’s offer you will find a full range of rubber products for your garage and workshop that will create a safe and comfortable space for storage and DIY activities. They protect the ground against damage and, when placed on the walls, soundproof the room, increasing the comfort of all household members.

Among the rubber products for the garage and workshop you will find:

  • rubber tiles for floors,
  • rubber mats for walls,
  • workshop floor linings.

The products are available in square and puzzle versions – both adapted for self-assembly in a DIY system. They are made of high-quality SBR granules and SBR/EPDM rubber compound, manufactured in the process of rubber tyre recycling. They are aesthetic and durable – create a comfortable interior in the spirit of ecology, at the same time ensuring safety.

Rubtiler garage and workshop rubber panels – the greatest advantages:

  • non-slip properties ensure stable support,
  • resistance to heavy loads, making it an excellent surface for heavy devices and cars,
  • resistance to mechanical damage providing a long service life,
  • resistance to low and high temperatures,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate confirming the high quality of Rubtiler rubber products,
  • CFL or DFL flammability certificate ensuring that Rubtiler rubber panels increase the safety of the garage, workshop, but also, indirectly, the house and the entire environment,
  • soft and flexible, they eliminate the risk of abrasions to the car’s paintwork – if they are mounted on the walls,
  • sound-insulating properties increase the comfort of the household members,
  • trouble-free maintenance of cleanliness allows you to maintain the aesthetics and hygiene of the room with relatively little effort,
  • the possibility of cutting and adjusting to the curves and finishes of the room,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on a DIY system.

See rubber products for garage and workshop. Create a comfortable, aesthetic and safe place for storage, but also for the pursuit of your own hobby.

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