Flame-retardant plates

Flame-retardant rubber mats are made of a high-quality rubber compound that provides increased resistance to high temperatures. In the event of fire, the mats emit small amounts of smoke, which prevents poisoning of people present in the building. They reduce the risk of dangerous behaviour such as attacks of panic. Moreover, they contribute to extending the time necessary to react and neutralize the threat.

At the same time, the flame retardant rubber mats do not lose the typical features of SBR granulate mats. They have non-slip properties, thus they minimize the risk of falls. Their flexibility prevents damage to the body, and the high resistance to weather conditions ensures a long service life – even when installed outdoors.

Owing to their fire-resistant properties, Rubtiler rubber mats are recommended in particular for the arrangement of indoor public utility spaces, but also in the open air, e.g. on professional sports fields, multi-functional school surfaces, during events and on playgrounds, i.e. wherever it is necessary to ensure specific safety conditions.

Rubtiler fire-retardant rubber tiles have DFL-S1 and CFL-S1 certificates that meet the requirements of HSE regulations in the field of fire protection in public and private facilities.

Explore all Rubtiler products with enhanced fire-retardant properties.

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