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Flame retardant rubber insulating mats are a solution used wherever additional protection against fire and high temperatures is required, along with maintaining high sound insulation properties.

The panels are made of SBR granulate or SBR/EPDM compound, which emit small amounts of smoke in the event of fire. They increase safety in the facility. They prevent panic attacks and extend the time needed to react in an emergency situation. They completely eliminate the possibility of smoke poisoning.

Flame retardant rubber insulation mats comprise a wide range of products, differing in:

  • thickness (10-20 cm),
  • finishing (available with or without geotextile),
  • installation system (puzzle or square mats).

Flame-retardant SBR granulate panels are recommended for places where special fire protection is required while maintaining high level of aesthetics. They are applied in:

  • facilities used by children – nursery schools, schools, educational and entertainment facilities, playgrounds,
  • hotels to secure and insulate conference rooms, corridors, etc.
  • warehouses, especially in those where flammable and poisonous materials are stored, e.g. varnishes, or adhesives,
  • stables and farms,
  • civil engineering industry as protection of the facility while maintaining perfect soundproofing parameters.

The flame-retardant rubber insulation mats are CFL-S1 or DFL-S1 certified. They meet all the standards and requirements of health and safety regulations in the field of fire protection of public buildings.

Other advantages:

  • soundproofing and vibro-isolating properties,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate,
  • slip resistance,
  • resistance to moisture,
  • frost resistance – they do not crumble or deform at temperatures even down to -30 ⁰C,
  • adapted to work at temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • easy installation in the DIY system – flame-retardant insulation mats on the walls and ceiling are fixed with cement-based glue or expander bolts,
  • trouble-free maintenance of cleanliness.

Do you have any doubts whether the flame retardant rubber insulation mats are right for you? See the full range of our products or contact us. Our consultant will present you with all the parameters, solutions and options so that you can make the best choice.

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