Construction and industry

The Rubtiler range of products includes a wide range of solutions dedicated to construction and industry. Please note the following in particular:

  • fine size rubber granules used as admixture to asphalt or concrete,
  • rubber granules used as a high-calorific alternative fuel in industrial installations (e.g. cement kilns),
  • granules that can be mixed with aggregate to create a dependable and modern foundation.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of rubber mats:

  • that are made of modern rubber SBR + EPDM granules with excellent technical specifications,
  • that are anti-slip,
  • that effectively reduce vibrations and noise generated by machines and equipment,
  • are easy to clean,
  • that are to a large extent moisture, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation proof.

To learn more about the full range of Rubtiler solutions for the industry, please refer to our catalogue or contact our customer service representative.

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