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The BKG composite drainage tile is a breakthrough in the manufacture and application of ecological SBR granules on a global scale. It allows to maintain natural greenery and, at the same time, protect areas with large slope angles against landslides, especially after violent storms or during spring thaws.

Porous surface of the drainage tile:

  • facilitates rooting of vegetation; initially in its layers, and then directly in the substrate,
  • absorbs water, thanks to which it supports the proper retention of rainfall to the ground,
  • it is an excellent stabilizer of embankments, side slopes and dikes, preventing the ground from sliding.

The concrete layer also has cavities, i.e., peculiar tanks for collecting rainwater, which then supports the nutrition, hydration and growth of plants.

The composite drainage tile is also characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage as well as resistance to compression and crushing, owing to which it is adapted to installation on a more flexible surface.

The possibility of introducing changes in the technological process of the concrete and rubber layers gives the freedom to adjust the vertical and horizontal water permeability to the individual design assumptions and terrain conditions.

BKG 50-1-5-2 composite drainage tile – its greatest advantages:

  • adjustable absorption and permeability of rainwater thanks to three porous surfaces, which protects the proper substrate against excessive hydration and landslides,
  • collecting excess rainwater in cavities placed in the concrete, pressing layer so that it could be reused for irrigation of vegetation from the vegetation layer,
  • increased strength and resistance to mechanical damage, which allows them to be placed on a more flexible surface with a considerable angle of inclination,
  • adjusting the degree of permeability vertically and horizontally allows to adjust Rubtiler drainage tiles to the requirements of the design and the terrain,
  • flexible rubber layer ensuring significant compensation of terrain unevenness,
  • high aesthetics of the solution through the use of natural plantings of vegetation tailored to the requirements of the design and customer expectations,
  • high resistance to frost and severe weather conditions,
  • easy DIY installation system, which translates into saving time and money,
  • customized dimensions of drainage tiles both in terms of size and thickness of individual layers,
  • an ecological product thanks to the use of SBR granules obtained in the process of recycling used car tyres. It constitutes a minimum of 20% of the charge.

Composite BKG drainage tile is certified according to: PN-EN 206+A1:2016-12; PN-EN 13369:2013-09.

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