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The rubber tiles with artificial grass are an ideal base, especially for outdoor sports facilities. The aesthetics of workmanship integrates within the natural environment, which is why they prove to be effective when applied as a surface for football fields, outdoor gyms and multi-functional facilities, e.g. at schools. More and more often they are used by professional gyms and fitness rooms, adding an interesting finish and arrangement that emphasizes the pro-ecological character of the building.

They are ideal as surfaces in zones used for dragging weights. Thanks to their non-slip properties they provide a stable support, while the application of grass in their design facilitates the shifting of loads. Not only do these elements affect the quality and comfort of training, as they also improve effectiveness.

Rubtiler rubber mats are available in the form of puzzles or regular squares in versions with short, with a length of 10 mm, and 16-18 mm long grass.

Their greatest advantages:

  • non-slip properties minimizing the risk of falls,
  • flexibility that increases cushioning and reduces the risk of injuries,
  • critical fall height of up to 3 metres confirmed by the HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certificate,
  • resistance to changing temperatures and moisture ensures a long service life even when they are installed in an open space, while resistance to UV rays guarantees the preservation of the aesthetics of the product,
  • PZH (the National Institute of Hygiene) certificate,
  • durability and resistance to mechanical damage, thanks to which they provide an excellent base for heavy sports equipment,
  • optimal water drainage system to prevent long-term moisture,
  • perfect imitation of grass that guarantees aesthetics and makes the tiles to be consistent with the external environment,
  • two versions of the length of the artificial grass,
  • easy installation and dismantling based on a DIY system enabling to install them by the users themselves,
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance ensuring high aesthetics of sports surfaces with relatively little effort,
  • 100% ecological product.

See all our Rubtiler rubber products with artificial grass and achieve your own aesthetic, natural sports floor.

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